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Carbo Loading Party ticket

The Carbo Loading Party takes place on the evening before the race. Access to the Carbo Loading Party is included in your fee for you as a participant. Additional Carbo Loading Party tickets can be bought here separately. Included in the fee is food and drinks.
Additional Carbo Loading Party tickets - Adults (€17,50)
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Additional Carbo Loading Party tickets - Kids (€10,-)
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Engraved Medal

This year it is possible to have your medal engraved with your results. This is done immediately after the finish in the Athlete Paradise inside the Theatre. The times will be engraved on the back of your medal to make it extra unique. This service is provided by Winterman Sport.
Do you want an engraved medal? (€9,50)
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Parking vouchers

In the city centre of Almere there is paid parking. The maximum fee is €9,50 per day, reached after approx. 4 hours of parking. In collaboration with the city of Almere we are able to offer participants to the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam vouchers which discounts €9,50 from your ticket for the prize of €5,-. This means effectively a €4,50 discount on the parking tickets. The discounted vouchers are applicable to all parking garages in Almere-Stad, but be aware that the preferred parking site is parking Hennepveld. The maximum number of parking vouchers per participant is 3 (one for Friday, 1 for Saturday, 1 for Sunday).
Number of parking vouchers (€5,-)
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Sanas nutrition introduction package

Sanas is our 2018 official Nutrition supplier and will be served on all aid stations during Challenge Almere-Amsterdam.
In order to prepare you can order a introduction package of Sanas nutrition which can be picked up at the guided bike test on August 19th.
Last order date: August 18th, 2018.
If you want the introduction package to be sent to your home address or want more information on the content, go to the website of Sanas
Number of Sanas Introduction packages (€10,-)
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